Sacital Inc. recognizes that building sustainable infrastructure is capital intensive, and project finance/negotiations is an integral part of many infrastructure, energy and clean technology ventures. We work with local governments and cities to design and implement an integrated transportation system and transit oriented development that promotes highways, automobiles and low density suburban development.

Stakeholder engagement and public private partnerships: Sacital Inc. acknowledge that the private sector is most effective when it focuses on what it does best: creating and supporting economically viable agencies built on true competitive advantage. We work with investors and clients to develop public private partnerships in identifying and managing transportation projects critical to realizing this objective, especially in developing countries.

Negotiating innovative tolling and transportation agreements: We assist our clients in negotiating and developing financing vehicles that not only generate sustainable financing of infrastructure projects but also lead to strong business relationships and economic development.

Innovative management planning: This planning includes strategies such as re-engineering, quality management, benchmarking, team management and leveraging private sector action