Sacital Inc. recognizes the need to harmonize diverse objectives of private investors, public sector and multilateral institutions in the development of infrastructure projects. Moreover, there is an urgent need to explore effective strategies governing the development of facilities for water, energy, transportation, healthcare and education.

Natural infrastructure alternatives: Investment in natural infrastructure is emerging as a key component, not just of economic recovery but as one of the foundation of a new ecological macroeconomics.  We work with our clients to formulate “gray” infrastructure investment strategy with emphasis on improved operations processes and asset management on a systemwide basis as well as implementing broad natural alternatives in a coordinated and systematic approach.

Innovative financing models: We assist our clients leverage private investment in sustainable low-impact development practices as alternatives to gray infrastructure, assist our partners replace current gray infrastructure with cost-effective, sustainable, and environmentally friendly natural solutions, build new ones to meet increasing demand, and locate philanthropic capital to catalyze the market.

Other specific services include:

  • Analysis of risk allocation and infrastructure delivery methods
  • Management of infrastructure concessions projects
  • Execution of public private partnerships, and management of investment funds and special purpose vehicles
  • Mapping and segmentation of infrastructure space and key actors in the infrastructure ecosystem
  • Planning and management of urban infrastructure components and their interactions (especially in the developing countries e.g. water supply, electric power, land use management and infrastructure economics)