We work with companies, governments, non-profits, not-for-profits and international agencies to advance energy security and sustainability. We help our clients understand how existing energy markets function, identify appropriate investment options in the energy sector within and apart from these markets, understand regulatory policy tools, assess the benefits and costs of the policy tools, and make sound supply-side choices.

Sacital Inc. works with its clients to analyze costs and benefits of different energy technologies (including wind, solar, energy efficiency measures and advanced vehicles), identify like-minded partners, address environmental risks, access to financing and understand fundamentals of energy project financial modeling.

Clean energy technologies: Designing financial, technical, regulatory, management and political strategies for adoption of new technologies, green energy competing with the existing energy infrastructure and identify energy efficiency measures and improvements needed to bring about needed changes in the market.

Market incentives: Identify various incentive models needed to support energy financing and transform the existing market, analyze how the models are evolving, and the right mix of energy sources and expertise needed to capitalize the market opportunity.

Innovative financing: Analyze the role of the private sector in building a clean energy economy, design innovative financing mechanisms including the role of venture capital, banks, manufacturers, project developers, off-balance sheet financing, etc