Energy 2020: North America as the New Middle East?

The report highlights the United States as a world-leading energy producer and discusses how domestic politics might impact U.S. energy production. The report is available here.”For the first time since 1949, US has become a net petroleum product exporting country and has edged out Russia as the world’s largest refined petroleum exporter,” the study concludes.

Africa Human Development Report 2012 focuses on agriculture

The UN Development Programme (UNDP) has released Africa Human Development Report 2012, which calls for adoption of multi-sectoral approach to addressing food security issues in the continent including new interventions covering multiple sectors; from rural infrastructure to health services, to new forms of social protection. The report is available here. The report recommends adoption of new social safety nets including social protection programmes such as crop insurance, cash transfers and employment guarantee schemes to mitigate risks and boost incomes. At Sacital, we are committed to working with various stakeholders and entrepreneurs in the continent to develop coordinated value-chain interventions to boost agricultural productivity while expanding access to clean water, healthcare services, infrastructure development, education and environmental sustainability.