Sacital Inc. expertise in creating operational excellence across people, processes and technology that results in sustainability and inclusive growth, coupled with our knowledge of economic production practices that minimizes environmental impact and maximizes resource conservation and reuse, allow us to use our network of investors and expertise to grow businesses and improve economic development through decoupling, that is, by doing more with less.

Decoupling is about doing things more efficiently: more economic activity with less environmental damage; and more goods and services with fewer resource inputs and fewer emissions.

  • Assessing and improving sustainability integration and governance: Helping organizations focus on actions and initiatives that move sustainability beyond “low hanging fruit” to generate long-term business value, improve access to capital, reduce cost and grow revenue.
  • Environmental review, optimization and identifying sustainable processes. Providing investors with sector, market and technological base for reuse or waste reduction advice and strategies.
  • Developing innovative efficiency and financing mechanisms. We work with our clients to develop financing options through innovative financing mechanisms and partnerships and alternative financial instruments that meet their needs by identifying the right sponsors and partners.

The firm has expertise in:

  • Market Analysis
  • Asset Liability Management
  • Product Development and Pricing
  • Market Sizing
  • IT Systems and Data Management